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DryBun® 2-pack
DryBun® 2-pack
DryBun® 2-pack

DryBun® 2-pack

39,98 €
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Whether in the morning, after sports or before a party:
You love the feeling of being freshly showered,
but you are annoyed by the time-consuming process of drying your hair?
Then DryBun® is just right for you!

With DryBun® you save a lot of time on your hair care,
because you no longer have to blow-dry your hair lengths
or wait until they dry on their own.
The hair lengths are when showering and shampooing the
Scalp well protected and stay dry.

After showering, dry only the roots of your hair, once
brush through, done!

By the way: DryBun® also protects your hair from too much sun.

The innovative DryBun®

  • saves time

  • sustainable

  • practical

  • uncomplicated

  • prevents split ends

  • prevents hair breakage

Do you have any questions? Find the most important answers here.

If you have shoulder-length or longer hair, DryBun makes sense because you save time, water, energy and shampoo and you prevent hair breakage and split ends, especially at the ends of your hair. You don't need DryBun for very short hair.

DryBun Original is designed for long hair down to the bottom. It is important that the longer your bun, the tighter it should be tied. We have developed DryBun Big Volume for very long and thick hair or dreadlocks. Check out the shop to see if you like a color.

It was a big challenge to design DryBun in such a way that the hair capsule keeps almost 100% of the water away from your hair lengths and at the same time does not pull, the hair does not get caught and your hairstyle does not get squashed. We did not find any impairments in our many tests. Nevertheless, if the sensitivity is very high, we cannot rule out the possibility that it will tug or that a few hairs will get caught.

After you've finished caring for your hair, open the DryBun and let it dry.

You can simply rinse DryBun or put it in the dishwasher or washing machine. If you use the washing machine, put the DryBun in a bag so that it doesn't rattle.

You can use DryBun with any shampoo and/or conditioner.